This is a review of Mobility Solutions


These people do all the repairs and maintenance on all my mobility and personal Care equipment!

Here is a list of the equipment they service for me:

  1. Power Wheelchairs.
  2. Lifting Hoist.
  3. Commode Device.
  4. Air Filled Mattress.

All of these devices are critical for my daily living! Mobility Solutions offer a 24 hour support service for anything critical that goes wrong; this is an invaluable service for somebody like myself with a high support need.

I visited their new premises at 245 King Edward Street South Dunedin. My initial impressions were, they now have a larger showroom where you can easily view mobility scooters and other mobility aids that they have for sale!

Access is much improved over the old premises, with automatic opening doors.

The team is dedicated to the welfare of all the customers/clients.

Whether you be mainly needing support under the M.O.E( Ministry of Health), Or from another source of funding or in private customer Mobility Solutions are willing to assist. I have found them unfailing in providing me with practical support for all my disability related aids.

With this new showroom it has provided a much larger space to showcase mobility aids and help devices for people with a variety of needs, it was interesting while looking throughout the showroom that I didn’t see any price stickers adorning these items. My suspicion is that you will need to ask the person that is behind the desk.

They do have a full range of Mobility Scooters of all sizes as far as I can tell. I can personally vouch for the integrity of people that work there, because my quality of life depends on my equipment working properly, and I have always counted on good humour, professionalism and technical ability.

My only criticism is that if you use a mobility device like a wheelchair or scooter, the way that the showroom is configured makes it almost impossible for you to gain access to the desk which is at the back of the showroom.

I would suggest that if you have a need for technical assistance especially if you have funding support through the Ministry of health and perhaps ACC, that rather than showing up you ring first. Mobility Solutions, pride themselves on meeting clients out in the community. The specialists/technicians do get extremely busy, but I have found them all to be very friendly and accessible to questions.

The contact number for Mobility Solutions is: 477 7195. If you require urgent after hours support there is an option on the answerphone to get in touch with someone directly, but please only utilise this after hours Or in case of extreme emergency!