APRIL 2016

I finally present to you my review of the “Frontier V6” by Magic Mobility”.

When starting this project in 2015 I was determined to look at every possible option regarding my wheelchair needs.

It was in 2011 that I managed to get a very short demonstration of the Frontier V6 (bare in mind that this didn't have a customised seat or any features that I really needed); but it did provide a starting place for me to base what I thought would be ideal for my particular needs or wants.

Fast forward to April 2016, I'm using it as my daily driver now.

Frontierv6 personal

These are key features of this wheelchair which I enjoy:

Tilt and Space Seating

This is the setting which is critical for my continued health. This enables me to easily adjust my sitting position, particularly to recline and stretch. Spending up to 12 or 13 hours a day in my wheelchair means I had to be able to change position – to avoid pressure sores or any form of physical discomfort.

Transfer Tilt

This enables the wheelchair seat to tilt forward enabling easy and transferring and also as a byproduct of this getting closer to tables or benches – I'm finding this feature far more usable than I would have either envisaged.

Elevation Feature

Enabling people to look directly at others makes such a difference – and is extremely important!

Lights and Turn Signals

These are so important for visibility in lowlight conditions, and even for pedestrians and traffic to see you in certain light conditions. Most scooter manufacturers have these as standard fitment but many wheelchair manufacturers have them as optional extras.

Impressions And Comparison

I have been very impressed with the build quality of the Frontier V6. Definitely, it is build tough and built to last! In my of experience of power wheelchair ownership, this wheelchair seems to be the best quality that I have yet experienced.

The frame is incredibly strong along with the drivetrain which translates to me to safety, reliability! The Frontier while having a familiar drive system does have quite different driving characteristics because of

  • Much more powerful motors

  • Bigger tires plus more stable base.

These are the things that truly stand out to me as an end user. I was determined once I started getting used to the wheelchair that I was going to use it for just about everything that I could. When ordering a wheelchair I made sure that it had every single of my hospital funded wheelchair and more. What's the use of spending money if you don't get exactly what you want or need.

I decided to go for a colour choice of all black, since the wheelchair will be going in all different types of terrain's I thought in the end that would be the most logical colour. I was considering British army green, but I would have needed the whole wheelchair to be painted in that colour and not just the frame.

This whole adventure required many twists and turns.

A really close competitor to the Magic Mobility wheelchair was
The Bounder Plus made by 21st-Century Scientific who I had quite a bit of correspondence with but in the end it came down to a number of things:

  1. The price was very high
  2. The brand may not be familiar to the local service agent (this, it was not necessarily a deal-breaker but did play a big part in the decision).
  3. Inability to actually trial The Bounder Plus (the Frontier does have a New Zealand distributor), but the Bounder does not a present.
  4. Rear wheel drive as opposed to mid wheel drive which I have been using since 2003.

On the specification sheet for bounder it had a numerous array of options. But in the end for me personally the four points listed above with reasons I didn't pull the trigger on this particular wheelchair.


Personally I feel that the’ Frontier V6 by Magic Mobility’ is a great all-rounder and an easily used as an everyday wheelchair with accommodation for slightly wider wheels. I'm very surprised that the frontier is far easier to manage in smaller spaces with the all-terrain wheels then I would have ever anticipated, the build quality is excellent.