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Hospital Visit

Saturday, November 23, 2019

Hospital Visit

From 9 November 2019 for approximately nine days I was in hospital having and recovering from kidney stone removal.

Truly, it’s another world going into hospital it’s another realm completely. Has very vague references to the outside world, the hospital’s internal processes are very much of their own making and it probably be entrenched for a number of years.

After about three days of being in there despite myself, I became used to these routines and I kind of relaxed into it. I surrendered in many ways my sense of self, because I had so much physical involvement with the nurses and medical staff in general that any pretense to modesty went out the window.

There were long periods of being extremely bored, where nothing particularly happened and again, I had to surrender my sense of time passing to the hospital routine!

My biggest challenges while in their was communicating the basic need of not being released to soon as I had tubes and bags coming out of me and I really needed to communicate that releasing me to quickly from the hospital would radically mean that I couldn’t function properly at home.

I basically waited for this operation roughly about a year and four months, so I had a lot of time to over this. Since release from hospital I have actually had a rethink about medical procedures and so forth; no longer do I stress unnecessarily about the idea of these things if they need to happen, they will happen, hopefully for my own good.

The fact that I ended up there for nine days I think was a win for me, because it meant that I had an opportunity to recover properly before coming home.

John Key Isn’t The Inspirational Leader New Zealand Needs

For New Zealand to make progress John Key is not the person that we need to be leading the country. My feeling is that he has no empathy, passion or commitment to our welfare any more (that’s assuming that you had these qualities when he first office).

Moving into 2014 and election-year New Zealand has been following international trends and putting profit before people in many cases in my opinion. I think it is disastrous for the collective spirit and heart of the country.

The poverty gap between the haves and the have-nots is growing even wider and I believe there is no direct correlation between government policies (i.e. selling of public assets, the shrinkage of the welfare state and the loss of the majority of manufacturing jobs); these are all things that diminish national identity and a feeling of well-being!

Come election time I’m going to have to think long and hard about who I would like to vote for Mr Key will have to do much to redeem himself in my eyes before I cast my vote for him this time.