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The quality of caregivers

Saturday, November 23, 2019

Blog entry

The quality of care givers if you are dependent on people to assist you with daily living is imperative! Just putting anybody into the caring routine does not work! They must be quality people with personal dignity and empathy towards others.

The most difficult times I have is dealing with people that don’t have communication skills, don’t have the desire to actually be in your home and don’t view the work seriously!

Over the 27+ years that I’ve had experience with carers I’ve seen the good bad and the ugly in terms of service provision. Unfortunately, because of the numbers now, it is very difficult to get the quality up of the individual service you get.

Yesterday and today I’ve had some challenges with getting clearance support luckily right in the middle of writing this blog entry this had been resolved.

There is a limited pool of very good carers, for high needs people like myself there is a certain stress level involved with this, this has always been a case, but I think communication has improved I’m pleased to say