Computers voice recognition

DragonDictate Version 4.0.2

Recently my voice recognition package had quite a significant update!

DragonDictate Version 4.0 is now being released for purchase, as some of you may know I’ve been using voice recognition for extremely so I’ll seen the progress that has been made really since around 1994. 20 years of voice recognition is seen a vast improvement in how accurately the programs can pick up your speech – and a reduction in the amount of training time it takes to get the program up and running! I think this last point, is the real advance in how accurately these programs work right now. Command and control is better than it was but still not up to the standard of general dictation. I use this program primarily to get my thoughts down on paper and I must say that since Nuance took over from MacSpeech (well in actual fact Nuance bought them out)!

I would really be lost without the ability to get my words down on paper quickly and accurately it really does make a difference to my productivity; but what I really like to see would-be speaker independent voice recognition. Really, this will be some years away I feel because computers still aren’t powerful enough to accomplish this (I have heard that they do have speaker independent voice recognition running on the large servers somewhere and I working on speaker independent systems; but I guess at the moment they are not particularly viable? Watch this space because regardless of how voice recognition goes in the future I will be along for the ride!

Have a fantastic day!