Operating System's

Mavericks 10.9 Upgrade!

An update for you. I can say that for the most part the upgrade was very simple this time more painless (less glitches) the only exception to that was the initial upgrade to 10.9 when my voice recognition software wasn’t fully compatible. Reminding me once again that jumping on the upgrade bandwagon straightaway is not necessarily the best idea. It wasn’t until the point update to 10.9.1 that the operating system really started to become truly stable.

All credit to Nuance (the makers of DragonDictate the voice recognition system I use on my iMac they did fairly quickly come up with a patch which enabled the program to run flawlessly. This made my Mavericks nearly perfect.

But because I'm an enthusiast and always jump on the new point update of the operating system quickly it is not necessary the wisest thing to do and I would counsel anybody to wait and not update straightaway.