March 6, 2017

My sincerest apologies! It has been months and months since my last update. I have been using my Frontier V6 wheelchair more or less as my primary mode of transport these days. DragonDictate for the Mac has finally caught up with its PC brethren as far as accuracy is concerned and so I can use either the Macintosh or a bona fide PC machine using Windows 10.

I'd say the two systems have advantages!

(By the way I failed to mention that I sold one of my Macintoshes and bought a PC box) because I found running Windows 10 under Mac emulation did not quite cut it for me).

I'm certainly going to be very active in updating my website with new material:

Updating the video section, updating some of the icons and getting word of others.

There is so much that I want to say now and the main focus for me will be writing my book of my life to date.

Of course technology has always been a preoccupation of mine and this focus will continue; the difference being that the site will be updated often. I've got something to say so why not say it – welcome to 2017.