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The Facebook Addiction

The Facebook Addiction

Do you ever find yourself looking at your Facebook feed, playing some of the addictive games, or just spending an incredible amount of time looking at articles comments and videos on Facebook?

I for one am guilty as charged, Facebook is a modern phenomenon which I don't truly know is all that positive. It is an online juggernaut of an organisation that seems to invade almost everybody's lives (those people with an Internet connection at any rate). For me it's taken over from the TV, radio or newspapers for my first dip into the current affairs cesspool that is modern media. The difficulty is everybody is reporting the same stuff, and my concern is the quality or selection of news focuses on what will get the most mouse clicks. Of course we can all get our news or current affairs or anything else for that matter online.

Whether it be trying to recall the fact we can go to Wikipedia quickly (and let's just hope their information is accurate. My observation is that we are all getting our news shoved via a smaller and smaller range of news outlets!

Just about everybody now has smart phones kindles, or tablets that provide an electronic way for us to get everything, we're getting closer to George Orwell's 1984. Don't get me wrong though, I'm a great champion of technology, it has certainly served me very well over the years.

Without voice recognition I would not be able to easily and quickly write this narrative. Having a physical disability which makes writing quickly and legibly difficult to say the least voice recognition has been my saviour, and while it is not perfect and requires revision, just to make sure that you don't embarrass yourself in the public which is the Internet it really is a godsend to somebody with any kind of physical limitations or indeed for those who have dyslexia or even just need to write quickly but, through carpal tunnel syndrome need to use a technology which will help them.

In closing though, computers and technology in general should not be an excuse for having less person-to-person contact, while our world has gained much through the use of technology, in some ways it has lost its group compassion, patience and tolerance. A balance is what's needed, but I'm not exactly sure what that balance is.