TA IQ (power chair update article May 2018)

TA IQ (power chair update article May 2018)
Saturday, 12 May 2018
I've taken, to use this wheelchair as my primary mode of transport mainly because it's nimble and it's easier to use inside the house and also quick!
But very soon I think I will definitely need a new set of tyres across the 2000 km mark in the wheelchair now not particularly excessive as far as mileage is concerned in four years I know :-).
2009 km and miles is 1248.33 miles for those of you that don't use kilometres, by comparison my other wheelchair a frontier V6 has approximately about 960 km may be slightly more but under a thousand anyway from my recollection :-).
It was definitely the best decision I made to get lights on both my wheelchairs and I would strongly press if you do much with your wheelchairs at all to get lights of some kind, as these greatly aid and visibility and safety when in darker conditions :-).
The TA IQ has been the most reliable power wheelchair I have owned. The only true weak points with this brand I think is some of the drive inhibits which are enabled when the wheelchair goes into elevation mode. You can barely move (especially backwards). I know there are some manufacturers of other brands wheelchairs that have enabled their brands to go at a higher speed.

Saturday, 12 May 2018

Rogue Water Urn
blog entry for Saturday, 12 May 2018
Wonders will never cease! I always seem to have trouble with kettles or water urns. Previously I had one that kept leaking all the time necessitating that water was needing to be wiped up on a continued basis.
Now while my current one is working well I have encountered an intriguing (and slightly annoying problem relating to it.
Namely, the temperature dial keeps moving up of its own accord (so what this means if you leave it alone it will just creep up over a period of a couple of hours so that the water gets to a boiling point and most of the water would evaporate away! My temporary solution is that I turned it off and only boil water when I need a cup of tea.
I'm curious as to what might be the cause of this problem?