Program Upgrades

A Major Update to Rapid Weaver

Just in the last couple of days there has been a major update to Rapid Weaver (it's the major program I use for updating and publishing content on my website. Rapid Weaver is now up to version 7.0 Along with this came also the cost of registering my domain name and various other technical aspects around hosting. This is not in an expensive business costing me around $150 NZ per year.

Also in addition one other program I use for titling also got a major upgrade (Art Text 3) previously version 2, this is the program I use all the time.

The Facebook Addiction

The Facebook Addiction

Do you ever find yourself looking at your Facebook feed, playing some of the addictive games, or just spending an incredible amount of time looking at articles comments and videos on Facebook?

I for one am guilty as charged, Facebook is a modern phenomenon which I don't truly know is all that positive. It is an online juggernaut of an organisation that seems to invade almost everybody's lives (those people with an Internet connection at any rate). For me it's taken over from the TV, radio or newspapers for my first dip into the current affairs cesspool that is modern media. The difficulty is everybody is reporting the same stuff, and my concern is the quality or selection of news focuses on what will get the most mouse clicks. Of course we can all get our news or current affairs or anything else for that matter online.

Whether it be trying to recall the fact we can go to Wikipedia quickly (and let's just hope their information is accurate. My observation is that we are all getting our news shoved via a smaller and smaller range of news outlets!

Just about everybody now has smart phones kindles, or tablets that provide an electronic way for us to get everything, we're getting closer to George Orwell's 1984. Don't get me wrong though, I'm a great champion of technology, it has certainly served me very well over the years.

Without voice recognition I would not be able to easily and quickly write this narrative. Having a physical disability which makes writing quickly and legibly difficult to say the least voice recognition has been my saviour, and while it is not perfect and requires revision, just to make sure that you don't embarrass yourself in the public which is the Internet it really is a godsend to somebody with any kind of physical limitations or indeed for those who have dyslexia or even just need to write quickly but, through carpal tunnel syndrome need to use a technology which will help them.

In closing though, computers and technology in general should not be an excuse for having less person-to-person contact, while our world has gained much through the use of technology, in some ways it has lost its group compassion, patience and tolerance. A balance is what's needed, but I'm not exactly sure what that balance is.

Winter Is upon Us

Winter Is upon Us

Winter is certainly upon in New Zealand now; the rain is truly pelting down and has been for a couple of days. Hopefully it won't go on for ever, it is starting to get truly annoying.

Wheelchair Viewpoints

Wheelchair Viewpoints Section

This is a fictional my website which is going to get a lot of development and a lot of attention! I've got some definite viewpoints that I really want to express and get out there specifically about wheelchair design and viewpoints around wheelchair provisions for people similar to myself. I had toyed with the idea of starting a forum specifically for Magic mobility wheelchairs, as I don't see any out there at the moment? I know the magic mobility website in Australia is fabulous resource and also Facebook.

Website Upgrades

New Material for My Website

It has been sometime since I have put anything specifically into my blog. This is definitely going to change, even if I present some articles or put additional material on other pages within my site. There will be a blog entry identifying that fact.

Success with Frontier

Success with My All-Terrain Wheelchair

I now have nearly 200 km on my new ride! I am thoroughly enjoying the experience using the frontier as my daily transport and keeping my hospital funded chair in reserve, in case my new ride breaks down. One issue with the way that government disability funding now works in New Zealand and I presume in many other countries around the world is that, funding levels are extremely tight; most people that I know of don't have two power wheelchairs.

The personal issue with me and that I need wheelchairs with the appropriate seating system on them for my health and well-being.

Bathroom Renovations

Bathroom Renovation May 2016

This is just something that has happened within the last week. I've gained a true appreciation of what it must be like to be a trades person. The work involved in repairing a bathroom floor was a real eye-opener for me. In total talked almost three days for the work to be completed.

Initially, this was fuelled by fears that my floor was suffering some rotten floorboards (while this was somewhat true, it wasn't quite as dire as I had expected). The work was still thoroughly worthwhile; having lived in my current home now for 14 years it was time for some upgrading.

A few weeks before this I had some carpet replaced with vinyl in my office area, which makes things look a lot better.

Using Windows 10

Using Windows 10 with the help of Parallels for Mac

For quite some years now I've been running Microsoft Windows on my various Apple computers. This enables me to for the most part have the best of both worlds, being able to easily operate in two electronic ecosystems. Of course like anything there are always compromises to be made, but for the most part it has been a positive experience.