January 2014

Major Updates to My Website and Content Completed

I have been working harder than I ever have before on

1. Completely .redesigning my website.

2. Updating the content.

I’ve added new content to both’ My Favourite Places’ Area (links to external websites). Which I will continue to do as I find interesting material.

Completely redesigning the video section of my website, now called’ Video Showcase’, plus an updated external links section called’ Favourite Web Places’.

There are some interesting videos on computing history compliments of the’
archive.org On Both the Atari 520ST and Amiga 1000, 2500, and 3000 series. This website is an absolute treasure trove if you are looking for any kind of media content that you can view or download for free, I would thoroughly recommend it!

Over the last 10 days or so I’ve gone through an extreme learning curve – learning how to create graphics or rather I should say refining my skill to a point that I’m happy with. The creation and the maintenance of this site is what I had been planning to get around to for more than 10 years, it is truly a real achievement for me to get something up that I’m personally very proud of – and what’s more there is a lot more to come!

Take care,


Updated Website for 2014

Hi there,

I’ve been working very hard over the last two or three days to really update my website for this New Year.
There is a completely reinvent writing section, which has original material in it updated as regularly as I possibly can.

2. I’m going to be creating a video section which is some original video content but mainly YouTude videos (embedded from the YouTube site)

3. I’m going to do whatever I can to try and update the website often.

Mavericks 10.9 Upgrade!

An update for you. I can say that for the most part the upgrade was very simple this time more painless (less glitches) the only exception to that was the initial upgrade to 10.9 when my voice recognition software wasn’t fully compatible. Reminding me once again that jumping on the upgrade bandwagon straightaway is not necessarily the best idea. It wasn’t until the point update to 10.9.1 that the operating system really started to become truly stable.

All credit to Nuance (the makers of DragonDictate the voice recognition system I use on my iMac they did fairly quickly come up with a patch which enabled the program to run flawlessly. This made my Mavericks nearly perfect.

But because I'm an enthusiast and always jump on the new point update of the operating system quickly it is not necessary the wisest thing to do and I would counsel anybody to wait and not update straightaway.

John Key Isn’t The Inspirational Leader New Zealand Needs

For New Zealand to make progress John Key is not the person that we need to be leading the country. My feeling is that he has no empathy, passion or commitment to our welfare any more (that’s assuming that you had these qualities when he first office).

Moving into 2014 and election-year New Zealand has been following international trends and putting profit before people in many cases in my opinion. I think it is disastrous for the collective spirit and heart of the country.

The poverty gap between the haves and the have-nots is growing even wider and I believe there is no direct correlation between government policies (i.e. selling of public assets, the shrinkage of the welfare state and the loss of the majority of manufacturing jobs); these are all things that diminish national identity and a feeling of well-being!

Come election time I’m going to have to think long and hard about who I would like to vote for Mr Key will have to do much to redeem himself in my eyes before I cast my vote for him this time.

Dunedin City Council Fixes Footpath

Finally, I’m very pleased to report that an issue that I had with broken footpath and a water main cover stopping my power wheelchair for moving, has been repaired and reasonably quickly to.

I’m including in this blog post both, before and after photos: Truly is amazing that Power Wheelchairs cost so much and have relatively sophisticated technology behind them now, but still find relatively small obstacles difficult to overcome! On three occasions I got thoroughly stuck needing some real muscle to get me over this crack in the footpath.

Broken footpath Footpath_31_12_2013-2

Well done and Thank You DCC for rectifying this; I can now go down the street in confidence.